It's been a while since I've posted my last blog..many thoughts and many valuable experiences, but I've held back on posting..who's even reading this anyway?!
Regardless, I feel we often say a lot without saying very much of substance. In fact I feel the world is moving away from understanding substance. Distracted in the convenience of technology we are ever more disconnected from the Real, from one another and from the Earth.
Looking forward to our 5th season in Santa Catalina, I really feel blessed to be surrounded, immersed in, the Real. Recognizing the opportunity to share the beautiful, natural areas of Coiba and Santa Catalina while surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, birding, observing and singing with nature, I understand the significance of this opportunity. And to share it, so that others understand, and to return to a place a little closer to the Real is a task I take with enthusiasm.
As the winds and the rains sweep this area, I plan in anticipation, more opportunities to bring people closer to Life and Substance.
May we all recognize the importance of Caretaking and Stewardship.


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