Out of control oil spill

We at Fluid are very concerned about the unchecked amount of oil that continues to ooze from the Earth. We cannot understand, or allow, such activity to carry on. We do not understand why every person on this planet does not see this as the most pressing issue of our time. Forget our regionalized issues, local fueds, long standing burdens..none of these will remain relevant should this oil continue to gush. We are demanding responsibility and cannot fathom how we have let this continue for nearly 6 weeks now.
Once the animals of the sea are dead, then we will understand the severity of this situation?..or not until we realize we have destroyed our ecosystems and our food source. The sea is not meant to be a desert!
We at Fluid are trying to get involved in this matter and recommend mounting pressure on anyone who will listen.
This is a major tragedy.


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