Preparing for the Next Season

After another successful season guiding sea kayak trips on Coiba and around Santa Catalina and leading surf adventures and lessons, I find myself already preparing for the coming season.

As the leaves start to change, the air is getting cooler, fresher in the North, I am aware of how quickly the seasons change. Soon winter will be upon the North, blanketed by snow and beauty. This change of weather also gets us excited for a getaway to the South. Of course, I am recommending Panama, Coiba and Santa Catalina!

Our base-camp style expeditions on Coiba provide a wonderful opportunity to immerse into the intricate, diverse and beautiful jungle environment. Combining camping, kayaking, snorkelling, hiking, wildlife observation, beach-combing, campfires and near-gourmet dining, you really get the chance to explore the many wonders of this unique, remote location. If the camping thing isn't really your style but you have interest in experiencing Coiba no problem. We can also stay at the ranger station in dorm style cabins complete with air conditioning.

The Village life of Santa Catalina is also not to be missed. We can arrange and array of activity from point break surfing, beach break surfing lessons, kayak trips (day trips and overnights), horse back riding, and fishing. The restaurants and hotels are as unique and interesting as the village, each having their own flare..I will add the food is diverse and you certainly will get your fill of fresh seafood!

New to this season is a coastal trip departing from Santa Catalina and following the pristine coastline of the Pacific, stopping at empty beaches to explore. Eventually we reach our accommodations...a new lodge on Playa Gorgona called CocoMango. This facility is incredibly peaceful with new beds, great food, a natural soaker pool and a honeymoon suite!

Let us guide you on one of our adventures in this area of infinite possibility!! Hope to hear from you soon. Please contact me at, or explore our website for more information at
Happy paddling!


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