Anticipating our 9th season

In a time of change I find what we do at Fluid even more important now more than ever.
Sure, some may see this as a tour operation or surf lessons or kayaking or camping.
Me? I see this as an opportunity to share beauty, to explore nature, to learn about our changing planet, to witness other ways of being. Floating on the sea, whether by sea kayak, SUP, surfboard, snorkelling or simply floating is an opportunity to engage directly with the elements, with Earth's creatures, with Universal energy.

Fluid Adventures Panama

Any chance we have to disconnect from the internet, tv and the noise of media and greater culture to immerse ourselves in the elements is an opportunity to connect with the real world. It's also a great time to reconnect with family, share in creating beautiful lasting memories that fill us with hope, happiness and faith. In doing so we return to our regular lives recharged with a sense of what matters, sun-kissed and relaxed after a hammock-filled coconut drink, after having learned a new skill, or after having bared witness to a free swimming hawksbill turtle, a troop of capuchin monkeys playing or enjoying the flight of a frigate bird.

After a few months of being away from Panama, I cannot wait to get back to open for our 9th surf in the warm waters of the Pacific, to witness the life, re-immerse in the community of Santa Catalina and prepare to share this amazing place with whomever finds their way to our threshold.
Our team, Liz, Adam, Kirri, Chino and myself, amongst others, are excited for yet another season of sharing.

Join us for an adventure of infinite possibilities in Panama, Santa Catalina and Coiba National Park.


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